Al-Ahram means Pyramids, these are one of the gigantic Seven Wonders of the World which were built by ancient Egyptians six thousand years ago. They stand on the hills of Giza, which is the most important governorate in Egypt. Giza abounds with buried treasures dating back on the olden past, deserts, castles, palaces, museums, lush green oases, and other deep-rooted inexhaustable historical lyrics.

The pyramids are counted as a symbol that stands for prestige, loftiness and human challenge.They were built without the help of modern equipment, cranes, and generators. Modern science has not been able to hitherto to find out their mystery and the architectural and engineering know-how used in construction. Hence, our Group was dubbed AL-AHRAM INTERNATIONAL GROUP to stand as a symbol for grandeur, power, loftiness and will in the selection and placement of manpower.

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